BHS Alumni Assoc

Here is the link for the Bothell High School Alumni web site.  Please visit it if you have any question about the alumni association.


A little about this association:

Bothell High School Alumni Association
is a nonprofit organization, formed in 1994. Its′ purpose is to promote and preserve the history of Bothell High School, promote activities which strengthen bonds between Bothell alumni, and promote continuing education for students and alumni.

Bothell High School had its first graduating class in 1912 and consisted of five young ladies, today some classes have hit over 600 graduates. The Association wants to preserve this long and rich history through maintaining archival information.

The Bothell High Alumni Association strengthens bonds between alumni through sponsoring an All Alumni picnic once a year, participating in Homecoming, maintaining an updated database for all Bothell High Class reunion committees, helping these committees when possible, producing two newsletters a year for its Bothell Alumni Association members, and informing Alumni of upcoming events.

The Association promotes continuing education through scholarships. It joined the Northshore Scholarship Foundation where it maintains a yearly scholarship. Raising the money for this has been through membership dues and generous donations.

If you need to contact their webmaster his name is John: